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Android University Course

Our Intro to Mobile Product Development Workshop Series features eight workshops specifically designed for Freshman and Sophomores early in CS programs. On Tuesdays, there are interactive hands-on sessions centered around either mobile application development or product design. One main aspect of the class is a hands-on mobile project spanning four separate Tuesdays in which students are led through the process of gradually developing a Flash Card app from scratch for iOS or Android. In our final session, each student is grouped into a team of four to six people and responsible for designing and scoping an app idea with several deliverables.
The process

How to be selected to
attend to the bootcamp

We have ONLY 30 seats for the bootcamp and here are the steps to have a chance to get one.

Create your GITHUB and LINKEDIN account

You'll need them to have access to the dashboard and submit the pre-work

Apply via the application link

Fill the forms with the needed informations


The pre-work is MANDATORY

Submit the Pre-Work

Submit the pre-work so we can run it to see if you can be selected or not
Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

Each workshop focuses on one of three topic areas:

Mobile Coding Labs: build a fully functional iOS or Android Flashcard app from the ground up.
Industry Panels: get the inside scoop and be inspired by successful tech professionals in industry panels.
App Design: design the next hot industry disrupting app in a small team.
Our goal with this workshop series is to provide a meaningful and well-rounded exploration into product design, building apps and exciting opportunities in the tech industry. Students will complete the workshop series with first hand knowledge of product design, an enhanced project portfolio and a network of like-minded peers and professionals.

Coursework and Deliverables
Coursework and Deliverables

Coursework and Deliverables

All workshops have a hands-on element where students work on a project individually or in small groups. Students are required to submit a deliverable based on the project work. All course work deadlines are indicated in the course portal on their respective Group Activity or Lab tabs.

All coursework items are due on their posted deadlines.
Two (48 hour deadline extensions) are allowed for the entire semester, no questions asked. Missed submission automatically triggers a 48 hour extension therefore, requesting for it is not needed anymore.
If a student uses up all the deadline extensions, all future coursework items will be scored at their respective posted deadlines and will receive a score that corresponds to their level of completion at that time. Any updates to a coursework item after the deadline will not be applied to the score for that coursework item.