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Android University Course

The Android for university course features twelve weeks of intense, project-focused Android training inspired by our professional courses and facilitated by CodePath-trained Teaching Assistants. Classes meet 3x a week for lab and coding sessions. During the first half of the course, students build their skills through labs and projects using the APIs of popular apps such as Twitter. Students then apply what they’ve learned in the second half of the course, working together in small teams to build a completely original app from the ground up. The culmination of the course is a Demo Day event at which students present their finished products to an audience of peers, faculty and industry professionals.
The process

How to be selected to
attend to the bootcamp

We have ONLY 30 seats for the bootcamp and here are the steps to have a chance to get one.

Create your GITHUB and LINKEDIN account

You'll need them to have access to the dashboard and submit the pre-work

Apply via the application link

Fill the forms with the needed informations


The pre-work is MANDATORY

Submit the Pre-Work

Submit the pre-work so we can run it to see if you can be selected or not
Time Commitment

Time Commitment

Session attendance: Classes meet 3x (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) a week for 3 hour sessions over the 12-week duration of the course.
Student's should plan to spend 5-10+ hours outside of class working on weekly assignments and the final group project.

Course Structure

This course teaches Android development in a project-based format over a 12-week period. General structure is as follows:
-Class Sessions: Students meet in person or remotely each 3x week in 3 hour sessions to complete labs, work on weekly assignment project apps and design and implement their final group project.
-Homework: Each week, we will be building an Android app that helps us reinforce and apply the concepts we introduce within the course. Expect the weekly apps to take anywhere from 5-10+ hours to complete each week outside of class. These projects will range from a basic movie reviews app to a full-featured Twitter Client.
-Group Project: In addition to the apps assigned each week, we will also have a collaborative course-wide project. The class will be broken up into groups of 3 students each, and every group will select a larger project to scope, design and build over the course of the class. At the end of the course, we will do a demo day showcasing all of these projects.

Course Policies

CodePath courses focus on developing student's habits and skills in order to to be successful in the tech industry. Success in industry goes beyond proficiency in technical domains; The ability to be punctual, meet project deadlines and work effectively in a collaborative team are equally important skills. The following policies around attendance and coursework submissions are meant to encourage professional behavior.


Allowable absences:
Max of 3 sessions, no questions asked.
Submission of that unit's coursework by the deadline is still mandatory.
You are expected to actively attend and participate in each session. We check attendance multiple times throughout a class session and may mark you as absent if you are missing for the majority of a session.
If you have an extenuating circumstance regarding attendance, email support@codepath.org as soon as possible.

Coursework Submissions

All coursework items are submitted through CodePath Course Portal and due by their posted deadlines.
Three (48 hour deadline extensions) are allowed for the entire semester no questions asked. This will be automatically triggered as soon as the deadline is missed-- there is no need to request extensions.
48 hours is the maximum allowed extension for any individual coursework item, extensions cannot be combined per coursework item.
Once the 3 deadline extensions have been used, any late coursework item (submitted after the posted deadline) will not be accepted and the student will receive a 0 for that submission.
Requirements for Course Completion

Course completion

CodePath holds all professional and college students to the same high bar of quality coursework and professionalism. In order to be considered CodePath alumni and receive recognition for successful completion of the course from CodePath, participants must complete the course with a final grade of 60% or above.

Participants meeting the above requirements will:

Receive a (digital) CodePath certificate of completion.
Be considered CodePath alumni and gain access to alumni networks.
Gain full access to the CodePath career center and be eligible for mentorship opportunities with CodePath professional alumni.


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